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Welcome to Better at Work (Beter op je Werk.nl)

Affordable workspace management consultations

The entire day in the same workspace: behind a desk, in front of a machine or standing at reception. What toll does this take on your physical wellbeing? Is working from home really good for you? In what position do you sit behind the PC? These are important questions that affect our health both directly and indirectly on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the majority of people wait until it's too late and have developed physical symptoms. We'd like to help you prevent this happening by optimalizing the way you work. 

Companies with more than 15 employees are required to have an employee representative specialized in health and safety. Experience has taught us that these employees do their best but often lack the knowledge and experience to initiate simple changes that make a more pleasant work environment.

Better at work can help with managing your workspace, optimizing your performance without breaking the bank.

Better at work provides affordable advice. We'll pay a visit to your place of work and give you direct tips within 30 minutes. We can also provide a report for you, your employer or occupational health. We can also treat your symptoms, should you have any.  

Better at work has developed a number of products and services for both individuals and companies. Invest today in yourself or your staff.

We travel free of charge to the following places: Ede, Bennekom, Wageningen, Renkum, Veenendaal, Ederveen, Lunteren, Wekerom, Harskamp and Otterlo.





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BeteropjeWerk is een initiatief van Karin Vaessen, bedrijfsoefentherapeut. Zij biedt werkplekonderzoeken, werkplekadviezen, trainingen en workshops aan gericht op het optimaliseren van je werkplek en werkhouding. Daarbij wordt niet alleen gekeken naar hoe je werkplek is ingesteld. Ook wordt de werkwijze, je werkhouding en hoe je gebruik maakt van je werkomgeving onderzocht. De adviezen zijn praktisch en kosteneffectief.

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